Wednesday, June 19, 2019

10 Non-Running Facts

This week has been crazy as it is our last week of school! Yesterday was the last day for students and then tomorrow is the last day for teachers. I am proud to say I survived my first year as a full time teacher!

A lot of people have been sharing 10 non-running facts about themselves on IG lately so I figured I'd do the same on here. I've done a couple posts like this before so I can't make any promises that I won't repeat any facts I've used in the past.

1. As a kid I collected Pez dispensers and pressed pennies. I still collect the pressed pennies.

John & I from the Red Tour. I've converted him!

2. I've been a die-hard Swiftie since 2007. I even have some shirts from her Wal Mart L.E.I. line from back in the day.

3. I have never been to Disney World but I have been to Disneyland once.

4. My first pet {other than my family cats} was a hamster named Kipper.

Yup, this is 2011 me. Talk about a GLOW UP!
5. My first job was a Trading Post Manager at a Cub Scout Day Camp.

6. As a kid, I always wanted to be a first grade teacher. This coming year will be the first time I ever teach this grade.

7. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

8. My favorite late night snack is a bowl of cereal.

9. Growing up, my favorite color was pink. My sister had everything blue and I had everything blue so we could distinguish what was ours.

10. I never really liked pizza growing up but now it's one of my favorite foods.

Question of the Day: What is one non-running fact about you?

Monday, June 17, 2019

My Week in Pictures XXV

Happy Monday! Another weekend has come and gone but for once I am actually excited for the work week. It's my last week of work before summer break and I am pumped! Today and tomorrow are half day for the students with tomorrow being their last day and then us teachers have in-service days Wednesday and Thursday. Fingers crossed the week flies by for me! This past week was a busy week so follow along as I recap it in pictures :)

My Monday started out with a little bit of cotton candy water ice from a 6th grader in another section.

My second nephew, Joseph "Joey" Michael, was born on Tuesday! I rushed out of work to go meet him!

After spending most of Tuesday night at the hospital, we joined my parents and grandparents for dinner at a local diner. I got a chicken sandwich with mozzarella and marinara sauce on a ciabatta roll with sweet potato fries!

Wednesday morning started with a run. I found the first sprinklers of the season and felt great the whole time!

I spent that night playing with Tommy!

We ran around in the backyard and caught fireflies together :)

On Thursday, John brought a party tray of sushi up to the hospital so we could eat dinner with Ashley and Nick. It was delicious!

Look at that sweet face!

Friday was a half day for students. My co-teacher in my 9th period class surprised me when I came to class a bit late by playing Marry You" by Bruno Mars and giving me flowers and a card from the class! It was like a mini bridal shower! The card had little slips of paper with marriage advice from my students and man, was it pure GOLD!

Later that day, another co-worker who is getting married in July and I were surprised with a bridal shower lunch! We had a whole lunch with delicious food and fun shower games.

John and I spent our Friday night hanging out and home and then buying 80 lbs of cat litter at the grocery store for a great deal 😂

After our gym class on Saturday, John's parents came over with their power washer so we could power wash our back patio, the area in front of the front door, and our small front patio.

Later we went for drinks and dinner at the restaurant in our development. It's a cute place with a great view of the golf course!

I was admiring our newly cleaned patio when I woke up Sunday morning before heading to my parent's to celebrate Father's Day!

I also managed to squeeze in some baby Joey snuggles!

Question of the Day: Did you do anything fun this past weekend?

Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday Five

Something about it being the last full week of school really makes the days drag. It was a crazy week in my life but all good crazy! My sister had her baby on Tuesday!! She was blessed with an ADORABLE baby boy named Joey! He is seriously so precious and has the sweetest chubby cheeks! I'm sure you'll be hearing tons about him along with my usual stories about Tommy :) 

Before I head into a relatively relaxing weekend, I'm sharing my Friday Five with you!  

1. Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream
I've been using this hand cream for a few years now ever since my mother in law suggested it to me, but lately it's become a life saver! My hands have been exceptionally dry lately and this hand cream has helped a ton! I put on some before bed and then anytime I get in the car {I figure I'm sitting still and just holding onto the steering wheel the whole time, so why not?}. A little goes a LONG way so you really only need to put a little dab on. It's a bit on the greasy side so I'd suggest using it in the evening or maybe while watching TV.

2. Wok
One of the first things I registered for was a wok {this exact one from Bed Bath & Beyond} so I was pretty pumped when I actually received it at my bridal shower! John and I love to make stir fry and fried rice a lot and our small pan was not cutting it. This wok is huge and makes cooking so easy. It is non-stick which makes cleaning up a breeze. It's pretty heavy which makes me believe it's made of good material.

Everything is now mostly put away!

After much searching, I finally found the perfect rack to use for storage in my kitchen! I found it at Target for the low, low price of $60. Most other shelves I was finding cost well over $100! I went out right after my shower to purchase this beauty because I knew we had absolutely no room for all of our new appliances. Dale helped me put it together the next day and as of this past Sunday, it's finally fully stocked. It's made of sturdy steel but is still lightweight and easy to move if needed. I think we spent more time taking the plastic off all the pieces and deciding the height of each shelf than we did putting it together. I highly recommend this shelf for anyone who need a little extra storage space.

4. Decorative Hand Towels
True Life: I'm Obsessed with Decorate Hand Towels. No, but really... I love decorative hand towels and get a kick out of changing them out for the season! I've been collecting hand towels since moving into our house and then was gifted with 17 {!!!} different decorative hand towels at my bridal shower last weekend. I love each and every one of them and have had a blast switching them out as a way of decorating my kitchen.

Up until now, we've only had a Magic Bullet for a blender. Since we primarily use a blender just for smoothies, I figured the Nutri Ninja was the perfect upgrade! The Ninja works so much better than the Magic Bullet in my opinion. It blends everything super quickly and crushes ice in smoothies to the perfect consistency. I think the coolest feature is the suction cups on the bottom so the blender doesn't move while it's blending.

Question of the Day: What is something you're loving this week?

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

School’s {Almost} Out for Summer!

It's hard to believe that my first full year as a teacher is coming to an end! Teaching 6th grade was a rewarding experience that I am thankful for! It made my first "big girl job" feel like hardly a job at all sometimes. I received news a few weeks back that I'm actually going to be moved down to first grade next year! Now that I've had time to process such big news, I'm actually really excited and ready to take on a new adventure. I'm sure teaching first will call for some interesting blog posts!

With this school year coming to a close, I thought it would be fun to share some funny/heart-warming things my students have said this year. Anytime I heard or was told something memorable, I would quickly jot it down in the back of my planner. Here is just a small dose of things that made me laugh and things that made me smile.

*While showing my students my marathon medal*
Student: Did you win?!
Teacher: No.
S: Then why do you have a medal?
T: Everyone who finishes the race gets one.
S: Oh... well at least you tried!

*When squished between me and another teacher during the class photo*
S: I'm so squished! I feel like the ice cream inside of a Klondike bar!

*When asked to make a PSA for an anti-bullying PSA, a group of students used the acronym B.A.L.L.S...*
S: BA Leader, a Loaner [of feelings], and a Striver.

S: My feet hurt from sitting all day!

S: Is "B" an odd number?

S: This crayon is broken! Can I staple it back together?

*Regarding my coworker coming back from her maternity leave*
S: Did her voice change?
T: She had a baby, not go through puberty!

A student put 2 spaces between EVERY word in her essay because it had to be "double spaced."

Monday, June 10, 2019

My Week in Pictures XXIV

I can't believe this weekend is already over but I'm actually excited to get this week started because it's one step closer to my school year being over! We had a pretty relaxing yet busy weekend so it flew by. We have another busy week ahead of us but before the fun begins, I'm sharing my past week in pictures with you! Have a great Monday!

On Monday I brought in one of the flower arrangements leftover from the shower to put in the front office. Everybody loved the little pop of color!

That night, Dale helped me put together the ginormous shelf I bought for all our kitchen appliances! It fits everything perfectly.

I spent some time at the park with Tommy on Tuesday.

Wednesday was Global Running Day! Dale and John joined me for an event at our local running store where we rain 3 miles in the pouring rain.

Thursday I spent more time with this little guy 😊

Friday was my school's field day where the kids had a blast! This game was one they played with a huge car wash sponge.

John and I started our Saturday off with a workout class at the gym and then treated ourselves to Chick Fil A after! I didn't want a huge thing of fries so John allotted me 2 from his container...

Later that day we went to pay off our honeymoon. Riviera Maya, here we come!

Then met up with Ashley, her husband, Tommy, and Dale for mini golf!

Sunday morning started off the same with some personal training at the gym.

I chose to run home from the gym to get in 5 miles for the day. The weather was just right for the middle of the day!

Our weekend ended with having his parents over for dinner. We tried one of the wines from our shower which was a sangria. It was absolutely delicious and now I need to buy more!

Question of the Day: What is something fun you did this past week/weekend?

Friday, June 7, 2019

Friday Five

I'm not sure who will agree with me, but this week actually kind of went by fast. Yesterday I was pretty sure it was Wednesday and I was thrilled when I realized it was actually Thursday! That doesn't happen to me much. We don't have much on the agenda for this weekend besides some gym time. I think we're going to spend some time playing with all our new appliances {I'm looking at you, Instant Pot!} and writing out thank you cards. It's also possible my sister could go into labor this weekend so I'll be waiting by my phone all weekend for the call :) Before I start this crazy work day {it's field day at school}, I'm sharing my Friday Five with you.

1. Global Running Day
As many of you may know, Wednesday was Global Running Day! It is one of my favorite holidays because it's a day to celebrate my favorite sport. It's also a great day because my local running store always hosts a cool event. This year they hosted their usual group run with giveaways and an after party at a local bar. John, Dale, and I attended the run and it started to rain once we started. We ran the 3 miles in a complete downpour! It was actually pretty fun. Afterwards we warmed up at the after party where they gave us a free pint glass and free appetizers!

2. Wine Rack
As you may have read about in my post about my bridal shower, I got the coolest gift from my sister. She had a friend of hers make us a wine rack that all our guests signed as our guest book. It is so nice looking and I am so excited to find a spot to display it in our house!

3. Recipe Box
Along with the wine rack {yes, there is MORE!}, my sister also gave us a recipe box that got filled with recipes from our guest. The recipe box alone is gorgeous and has nice wooden dividers inside the separate the different sections {appetizers, desserts, etc.}. I am eager to try out the recipes from our guests and also fill out some of the cards myself with recipes I have written on scraps of paper at the moment.

4. Scones
Okay, these are pretty much all bridal shower related but that is all that has been on my mind this week. One of my bridesmaids made the most delicious scones for my shower and I have been snacking on them all week. I haven't gotten the recipe from her yet but once I do, I'll be sharing it with you all! She claims they were easy so I'm hoping to try them out this summer.

5. Leftovers
This one is lame but it's so true! We've had nothing but leftovers all week and it has been the best. I've hardly had to do any food prep this week which is great! The only downside is that my lunches haven't been too healthy but it's just one week.

Question of the Day: What is something you're loving this week?

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Most PURRfect Bridal Shower

Happy Wednesday and Global Running Day!!

This past Sunday, my bridal party {along with our families} threw me the most PURRFect and adorable cat themed tea party bridal shower! I was so surprised at the amount of effort and love that went into the whole planning process and then the day of. Everyone completely spoiled me {and John} and I just can't get over it! I was lucky enough to have a bunch of people take photos throughout the whole day so I could just soak it all in. I've been enjoying sorting through all the photos, reliving the day, to prepare today's post for you. Fair warning, there are A LOT of pictures, but I feel like I have so share them all to tell the whole story ❤

I had requested that my shower be a surprise and man did everyone do a great job of keeping secrets! To get me there, John's mom told me we were going to a painting party fundraiser at a hall. I was a bit skeptical, thinking it could be my shower, but she made is so believable! Everyone involved who I talked to in the days leading up to the shower had such believable stories of what they were doing that weekend so I honestly wasn't sure what was going on.

As we drove up to the hall, I saw everyone outside waiting for ME! They figured the parking lot was small and I'd recognize everyone's cars, so they'd just stand outside for when I got there.

Tommy came running right over to greet me!

After hugging and thanking my bridal party, family, and as many other people as possible, we went inside. It was seriously the most adorable place ever! The place is an old school house so it was on the smaller side but the perfect size for a bridal shower.

Once inside I figured out that the theme(s) my bridal party went with was a tea party along with cats! The decorations were absolutely beautiful! The tea party and cat themes just went so purrfectly together!

My aunt even made balloons look like a cat bride and groom!

My cousin who is my junior bridesmaid and her mom {my aunt/godmother} were in charge of decorations and they did NOT disappoint! They used all my favorite flowers in the flower arrangements. The flowers on our table were a bit different. SOO pretty!

My sister surprised me with the most adorable "I'm Getting Meowied" sash and a cat ear veil! My aunt also got John and I "I'm Getting Meowied" wine glasses! Ashley and Erika {one of my bridesmaids} helped me put the sash and headband on right away.

Next up was food! Since the shower started at 11 am and it was a tea party, the food was all brunch foods. My favorite! John's parents and aunt made cute little tea sandwiches. My brother-in-law slaved away to make waffles so we could have a waffle bar! My mom and Ashley made mini quiches with all different ingredients.

Ashley and Erika put together a yummy yogurt and fruit bar. They had waffle cones so people could put the yogurt and fruit in them! Cassie {bridesmaid} made a delicious baked oatmeal that I could've eaten all day!

Melissa {bridesmaid} made orange cream scones and maple brown sugar scones that were pretty much comparable to Panera! Erika made cookies which must've been delicious because people ate them up!

My mom's best friend, Darlene, made the beautiful cake! It was a chocolate chip pound cake with raspberry filling. Yes, it is just as delicious as it sounds!

John and I cut the cake before we served it to everyone.

Rachel {bridesmaid + best running friend I mention a lot on here} did a fabulous job with the games! First we played the "shoe game." John and I held one of each of our shoes in our hands while Rachel read questions, such as "who is the better driver?" or "who said I love you first?" We would have to raise the shoe of the person we thought it was. John and I were pretty spot on with the same answers!

Next up was "How well do you know the bride?" It was cool to see who actually knew these answers. The one everyone person {besides John and someone who copied his answers} got wrong was my first job. Everyone said my waitress job but it was actually a cub scout summer camp job. Other than that, most people seemed to know me pretty well! Also, my mom made the cutest favors which were tea bags with personalized stickers on them 😊

The most entertaining game was the toilet paper wedding dress game! Everyone got in groups and chose a person to be the "bride" to make a dress on out of toilet paper on. Everyone got super creative! My bridal party chose John as their bride and it was so funny!

My mom's dress was a little interesting... haha.

My sister had a friend of hers make a wine rack for me as a gift! Instead of cards, guests were asked to bring bottles of wine instead. The wine nearly filled this whole rack!

The wine rack also served as a guest book! I can't wait to display this in our home!

Guests were also given recipe cards {which were made to match our invitations!} to fill out with a recipe they wanted to share with me. Ashley had them put the recipe cards they brought in a sweet recipe box she had made for us!

Guests were also asked to share a date idea to put in our date jar. All the ideas are pretty cute and we can't wait to start using the jar!

As per my request, the gifts came unwrapped so that we did not have to take away time from the shower to watch me open gifts {plus that's a lot of wasted paper!}. It was the best idea because then I was able to spend time talking to everyone and we could play games!

The white and purple umbrella that is hanging was a decoration from my aunt's bridal shower back in 1999! Her wedding colors were also purple. I was her flower girl and now her daughter will be my junior bridesmaid. :)

And finally the most important part, my amazing bridal party!!! They seriously did a phenomenal job and I can't thank them enough!!

Left to right: Megan {cousin + junior bridesmaid}, Erika, Rachel, me, Melissa, Ashley, and Cassie

Left to right: Cassie, Megan, Erika, me, Rachel, Melissa, and Ashley

We had such an amazing time!!

You gotta have mock prom photos, right?!