Monday, February 17, 2020

Coastal Delaware Marathon Training Week 9

Happy Monday! I’m checking in early today after a nice weekend away with John’s family. Due to being away, I moved my long run to this morning since I have off. That is why last week’s mileage is on the lower side. I’m off to run 15 miles! I hope you all have a great day, especially if you’re off for Presidents Day!

Monday: 3 miles

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: 3 miles + strength training

Thursday: REST

Friday: REST

Saturday: 3 miles

Sunday: 2.5 miles

Weekly Total: 11.5 miles

Question of the Day: What is one fun thing you did over the weekend?

Friday, February 14, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday and Happy Valentines Day! To be honest, I kept thinking yesterday was Valentine's Day since John and I chose to celebrate a day early. I have been so confused with dates all week! We celebrated last night with our traditional heart-shaped pizza because we are spending the weekend in the Poconos with his family. Once I get through this long day of celebrating with my kiddos and then a half day in-service for teachers, we'll be on the road. I'm sure I'll be watching the clock all day ;) I hope you all have a fun weekend ahead of you as well!

A couple of weeks ago I won a gift card to Belcorva so after much consideration, I finally purchased a pair of capris. I always struggle to find capris that fit me right. Usually they're too tight around the calves or too loose around the waist. Belcorva won my heart by fitting overall perfectly! I have worn these for multiple runs and they haven't felt like they were sliding down my waist at all. There are pockets on the side which actually held my phone without bouncing out. I was impressed! These may be my new go-to capris.

After seeing ads on my Instagram feed for weeks, I finally took the plunge and bought this protein powder. The flavor alone was the selling factor for me but it also is great nutrition-wise. I have tried a lot of protein powders in the past and never really found a brand or flavor I love until this one! The lemon bar flavor is delicious without tasting fake. I shook it up in my blender bottle with water and it blended perfectly with no chunks left behind. I loved that even though I only mixed it with water, it was still super creamy. FitVibes also offers a berries & cream flavor and a cinnamon bun flavor that I am now eager to try.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hand Cream
My mom gave this to me a couple weeks ago and I put it in my car so I'd always have one there. I've been putting it on each morning on my way to work and it is making such a difference with my dry hands. This back and forth weather has been brutal on my hands but this has been helping revive them. The consistency is a little thicker than I'd prefer but if I put it on before I pull out of my driveway, it has soaked in by the time I get to work. It has a nice smell which is a good bonus :)

Question of the Day: What is something  you're loving this week?

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Exciting News!

If you've been on my Instagram the past week or so then you know I've been getting some pretty exciting news lately. I am now an ambassador for not one, not two, but THREE different running brands that I absolutely love. 

Back in January, I was accepted as a Nuun ambassador for a second year in a row. I am all about staying hydrated so representing that brand is a no-brainer for me! In just one year as an ambassador I introduced many of my friends and family to Nuun so I am excited to see what happens in 2020.

Last week, Momentum Jewelry opened up their #sharetheSPARK ambassador "applications" but they did things a little differently this year. Instead of filling out a form and waiting for Momentum to choose the ambassadors, they opened the opportunity up to everyone! The first so many people to purchase their ambassador kits {$20 for the 3 Motivate Wraps- one of each of the 2 new sayings and one from last year, 1 additional fabric wrap color, 1 #sharetheSPARK Foot Note, 1 SPARKlet, and a coupon code}, reserved their spot on the 2020 team. I just happened to go on their site right when the kits were launched so I snagged mine! I received my package on Monday and man, oh MAN, am I excited to share the spark! The two new sayings are AMAZING and the wheels in my head are already spinning with how to share them.

To keep up the awesomeness, I received an email on Saturday morning welcoming me to Team ROADiD! One of my first purchases as a runner was my shoe ID. Shoe ID's are the easiest way to carry your emergency info {mine has my name, hometown, emergency contact info, and allergies} while out on a run, hike, etc. They also offer wrist ID's, ID's that attach to your smartwatch, and more! I am so excited to be part of the ROADiD team and share the importance of runner safety with my running community!

Running is such an important part of my life, if that wasn't already obvious ;) These three brands represent three things I am passionate about when it comes to running- hydration, motivation, and safety.I hope you are all as ready as I am to learn more about what these three brands have to offer!

Question of the Day: If you could be an ambassador for any brand, what would it be?

Monday, February 10, 2020

Coastal Delaware Marathon Training Week 8

Happy Monday! This weekend really flew by for me! We didn’t do too much so I guess I just feel like I need another day to get some stuff done. I took it easy with training this week. It was partly due to the crappy weather but also partly due to the fact that I was just feeling worn down. I figured having a light week would benefit me more than pushing myself too hard. I can already feel it paying off! Now time to drink some caffeine and power through this rainy Monday.

Monday: 4 miles

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 2 miles speed work + strength training

Friday: Strength training

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 10 miles

Weekly Total: 16 miles

Question of the Day: What is your favorite go-to healthy-ish dinner? 

Friday, February 7, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! We had some pretty dreary weather in Jersey all this week which made the week really drag on. I'm hoping for some sunshine this weekend which doesn't look likely but we'll see! I don't have much going on this weekend besides babysitting my nephew on Saturday so maybe it'll be a pj's and Netflix kinda weekend. I hope you all have a great weekend :)

Say Yes to Coconuts Mud Mask
Every once in awhile I find some pretty cool things at Dollar Tree. My most recent find was this face mask! I've used it a couple times in the past few weeks and I really like it. It is a thicker consistency but still goes on easily. It says its for dry skin which is great for this time of year because my face is always dry. I noticed a difference in my skin after I wash it off. The package says it is a one time use mask but I've been able to get a few uses out of one package. I just keep it in a sealed bag until the next time I use it.

Say Yes Mask Applicator
After falling in love with the Say yes to Coconuts Mud Mask, I went back to the dollar store to stock up on more. Lucky for me they still had more AND also had a cool applicator for applying the mask to my face. It's made of silicone so it easily spreads the mask onto my face and much more evenly then when I use my fingers. The applicator cleans easily making the whole process much cleaner!

Schmidt's Charcoal Deodorant
This was a post-Christmas sale find and to be honest, I wasn't sure I'd be a huge fan. A few years back I fell in love with Piper Wai natural deodorant and never thought I'd find another natural deodorant that was just as good. I won't say this is 100% comparable to Piper Wai but it's pretty darn close. It's in a stick like regular deodorant which makes application much easier {Piper Wai comes in a little jar that you use your finger to apply}. The scent is not too strong and it actually keeps me feeling fresh all day. I got it as part of a gift set for a super cheap price but it normally sells for about $7. When it comes to deodorant, that is pricey but yet again it is natural. I would probably buy it over Piper Wai, though, considering that is close to $12 a jar.

Question of the Day: What is something you're loving this week?

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Wedding Planning Tips: Saving Money

With Valentine's Day and my 6 months of being married right around the corner, love is in the air! That gave me the idea to share a post related to wedding planning since I never did finish sharing my tips. Even if you haven't planned a wedding yet, you know that it takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Today I'm sharing with you some ways you can cut costs when it comes to the paper/printed items. These are some things I did for my own wedding that I believe saved me a little bit of money that I put towards things I personally felt were more important. I'm not saying you shouldn't spend tons of money on invitations and the like, but it just wasn't what I personally wanted.

So whether you’re engaged, know somebody who is engaged, almost engaged, or just want to read for fun, here are some money saving tips I have when it comes to paper/printed items!

Postcard Save the Dates
If you decide to send save the dates, you can cut costs by making them postcards! Postcard stamps in the US are only 35 cents while a regular stamp is 55 cents. That may not seem like a huge difference, but when you're talking about sending out 150 save the dates, that's a $30 savings! We designed ours on our own and then printed them through VistaPrint for even more savings.

Design Invitations Yourself & Order on VistaPrint
We were lucky enough to have a Photoshop-savvy family member who designed our invitations for us but we probably would have figured it out ourselves if need be. Once the invitations were designed, we kept an eye on VistaPrint for a discount. VistaPrint is always offering deals so my suggestion is to get your design done early enough that you have the time to wait for a deal. 

RSVPify is a website where your guests can RSVP online using their email or a specific code you generate for each guest. This will save you the cost of a stamp and possibly even an envelope for guests to return their RSVP cards. The website does have a fee (starting at $29) if you have over 100 guests, but most likely that fee will be outweighed by the cost of everything else you'd need to purchase for the response cards. Also, RSVPify is super customizable. John and I went back and forth with them to come up with a package that worked best for us. Along with guests being able to RSVP online, you are provided with a seating chart tool to seamlessly create your reception seating chart. Oh, and no more response cards getting lost in the mail :)

Print Seating Chart
Individual place cards to tell guests where their table is can add up. Instead, create a seating chart that can be posted at the entrance to the reception that lists who is sitting at which table. This can be done fairly inexpensively if you do it on your own and not through a designer. We purchased a template off Etsy for just a few dollars, edited it on computer, and then printed it through Staples for about $10. You may be able to do individual place cards for each guest for cheaper but just think of the time you save by printing the chart!

Monday, February 3, 2020

Coastal Delaware Marathon Training Week 7

Happy Monday! I’m checking in a little tired this morning. We went to my parent’s house to watch the Super Bowl last night which just meant we ate snacks and watched the commercials with a little football thrown in. We actually left early so I just had to google who won. Anywho, it was a good week, training-wise! I had some pains earlier in the week that made me stretch and rest a little more but by time the end of the week rolled around, I felt great. I was able to run my long with with my friend which made it 1000x better. I hope you all have a great week ahead of you!

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 1 mile
I went out for my 3 mile run and had a weird pain in my right ankle and left knee. I made the decision to turn around and go back home to rest instead. 

Wednesday: 3 miles

Thursday: 3 miles

Friday: REST

Saturday: 13.1 miles

Sunday: REST

Weekly Total: 20.1 miles

Question of the Day: What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial (if you watched)?

Friday, January 31, 2020

Friday Favorites

TGIF! I think the universe knew I was excited for this weekend so it made time slooow down. After work I am headed out to Pennsylvania tonight to spend some time with one of my best friends. We don't have any solid plans yet but we do know we are doing our long run together as we are both training for CoDel marathon! Other than that, we will just have a good time like always! I'll be home on Sunday for a little Super Bowl party at my parent's house so busy busy I'll be! Anywho, before I sign off and head into this weekend, I am sharing some things I've been loving this week.

Not a very good picture but I eat it too fast before I can get a good photo... oops!

Honey Cardamom Granola
This is a recipe from Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. by 2017 NYC Marathon champion Shalane Flanagan and chef Elyse Kopecky. I finally picked up some cardamom last week {why did I not own it before?!} and this was my first recipe I tried out with it. It just needs some basic ingredients {and ground cardamom if that isn't basic to you like it wasn't for me} and it's super easy to make. I made it while meal prepping over the weekend and it's been my go-to snack all week. I may or may not have made it two more times since then... Enjoy it either plain or mixed in with some yogurt!

This top caught my eye while perusing through Dick's Sporting Goods back before Christmas. I'm not sure if it was the color or style but I knew I needed to have it. I resisted but then somehow it ended up under my Christmas tree this year. Luckily it did because it has been my favorite cold weather running top the past few weeks. The moisture-wicking material is lightweight yet still keeps me warm. I absolutely love the look of the high neck and the fact that it keeps my neck toasty. There is a front hoodie-like pocket that is more practical when wearing casually, not while running. Also, the whole Calia by Carrie Underwood brand is super new to me but after looking at other clothing they offer, I love it! 

I'm almost embarrassed to write about this because I've honestly had this food chopper since my bridal shower in June and literally JUST remembered I had it. I typically buy onions at Aldi which means about 6 comes in a bag when I only need a quarter of one for a recipe. When this happens, I chop the remaining onions up and freeze them for recipes in the future. I went to go do this the other day when I realized why do it by hand when I have a food chopper?! Total game changer. I had my onions peeled, chopped, and in the freezer within minutes! This particular chopper has a 3.5 cup bowl where you put the food to be chopped or pureed so it holds a good amount. I was able to put 2 onions cut into quarters into the bowl to chop at a time. I'm excited to use this in the future when making salads or other recipes that involve chopped ingredients.

Question of the Day: What is something you're loving this week?

Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Happy hump day! I'm not sure what it is about this week, but it really is dragging. Maybe the universe knows I have a fun weekend up ahead? Who knows. I've had a couple blog post ideas rolling around in my mind lately but haven't had the chance to really sit down and put those thoughts to metaphorical paper. To help break up this week, I'm sharing a "currently" post with you all! Here is a little update on my life currently...

I am currently...

Honey cardamom granola from Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. by Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky. More about that in a later post!

All the scarves! It's been so chilly here in New Jersey.

Listening To
Hot Country station on Spotify. It has been powering me through my runs lately!

7 by Jen Hatmaker. I'm only halfway through but it's a true story about Jen Hatmaker spending 7 months to focus on 7 different areas of excess in her life. So far, so good!

This Is Us. I’ve never been as up to date with the current season as I am now. Usually I am 3+ episodes behind and can’t have any discussions with my friends who are up to date. 

Nuun Vitamins. Trying to keep all the germs away!

Question of the Day: What is something you’re currently eating, wearing, listening to, etc.? Pick one :)

Monday, January 27, 2020

Coastal Delaware Marathon Training Week 6

Happy Monday! I had some good runs last week but of course, slacked in the strength training. Eventually I’ll learn to balance everything out, right? One thing I focused on this week was stretching after my runs which is something I am not always the best at. I even went as far as doing some foam rolling throughout the week to loosen up my legs. I am looking forward to this coming week of training because I will be doing my long run this weekend with Rachel, who is training for CoDel with me! I hope you all have a great week!

Monday: 3 miles

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: REST

Friday: REST

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 13.1 miles

Weekly Total: 20.1 miles

Question of the Day: What is your go-to post-run recovery?

Friday, January 24, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This was a 4-day week for me so it went by pretty fast. We have some tentative plans for the weekend. Today is my mother-in-law's birthday so we will be going out to dinner at some point and then our friends want to get together one day as well. I'll also squeeze a long run somewhere in there. I hope you all have a good weekend! :)

Green Mountain Cinnamon Sugar Cookie K-Cups
For those of you who don't know, I stopped drinking coffee religiously close to 2 years ago. Lately I've been craving some flavored coffee so this k-cup fell in my hands at the perfect time. John saw this flavor at work and thought I'd like it so he brought it home for me to try. He was right, it's so good! It has a light cinnamon taste that isn't too overwhelming, but covers up the strong coffee taste that I'm not a huge fan of. I like to make it with some vanilla creamer on the weekends and enjoy it while lounging around.

Vitamin C Drops
Last week I got hit with a cold that surprisingly didn't stick around too long. On the first day I woke up with it, I decided to stop at Rite-Aid on the way to work for some DayQuil and ended up grabbing a big bag of Vitamin C drops, too. I am so glad I did because they are great! I used them in place of cough drops {I'm guessing that was their purpose} but I liked them better because they didn't have that medicinal cough drop flavor. The bag I got was a citrus variety. Although my cold is gone, I've still be using them throughout the day if I feel a little itchy throat or just want one.

My mom had given me these a couple weeks ago so when my cold hit, I grabbed them out of the cabinet right away in hopes of shortening my cold since that is what they advertise. Wow wow wow I was actually shocked that they worked! I woke up with my cold on Monday and kicked it by Thursday! Normally they stick around for awhile. I was also taking NyQuil and DayQuil throughout the week but I always take that when a cold shows up so I truly believe these worked. I had the sugar-free cherry flavor and they were okay. The flavor wasn't too strong but by the end I felt like I was like sucking on plastic. I don't know if that was just because they were sugar-free or not.


The Simplicity Challenge
I found out about this challenge on Instagram on New Years Day and jumped right in. Emily Ley, the creator of the Simplified Planner, has created this challenge as a way to simplify your life in 30 days by completing a simple task each day. The challenge can be started at any point throughout the year and could be taken at your own pace. The tasks range from cleaning out your fridge to detoxing your social media feeds. My favorite task so far was simplifying my phone. I deleted so many unused apps and refreshed the wallpaper on my phone.

Question of the Day: What is something you're loving this week?

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

My 2020 Goals

Originally I wasn't going to share my 2020 goals on here because I have no intention of doing monthly updates like I did last year. The more I thought about it, I figured why not? Maybe typing them up here and putting them out in the blog-iverse will make sure I keep up with them. Or maybe they will give you an idea for a 2020 goal for yourself if you're still racking your brain for one. Either way, here are the goals I've set for myself {aka typed up in a note on my phone and have been thinking about since the year has started}, enjoy!

Hot chocolate + frozen Cool Whip is a good form of self care on a cold night!

Take Care of Me
Whether this means saying "no" to something or a weekly self-care day, I really want to start making ME happy. So far I've been loving dedicating a part of my Sunday night to putting on a face mask and relaxing.

Just a small fraction of books I want to read {and some I’ve already read!}. 

Read Books I Have in the House
I have a habit of picking up new books from the thrift store whenever a title strikes my eye so my goal is to focus on reading them before buying any more. On Goodreads I set a goal for 12 books this year. I am sure I will surpass that number {I have already read 2 books since January 1st!} but I wanted to pick an attainable number just in case life gets wild, like it usually does.

Not pictured: all the post-it flags marking all the recipes I want to try. 

Try 24 New Recipes
This is actually a goal between John and I. We both are tired of eating the same old, same old, so we have decided to try 24 different recipes throughout the year. The idea is to pick 2 a month: 1 my choice and 1 his choice.

Make Running My #1 Priority
In case it wasn't obvious, I love running. Lately I've been letting the craziness of life keep me from putting my full effort into running as a whole. In 2020 I want to put running at the top of my priority list by following my training plans to the best of my ability and truly incorporating strength training, foam rolling, speed work, and all that other good stuff into my training.

Question of the Day: Did you set any goals for 2020? If so, what is one of them?

Monday, January 20, 2020

Coastal Delaware Marathon Training Week 5

I finally got a strength training workout in! I was sick for most of this week so the fact that I got any type of work out in is a miracle. Although I felt crappy going into my runs in the beginning of the week, I ended up feeling great during them. I’m working hard at pushing myself {as long as I am not too sick!} and getting my workouts done. Week 5 is done and we are now less than 3 months out from the marathon!

Monday: REST

A night run while it was slightly misting out. 

Tuesday: 4 miles

Wednesday: Strength Training

I was busy right after work so a 7:30 PM run it was!

Thursday: 3 miles

Friday: REST

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 11 miles

Weekly Total: 18 miles

Question of the Day: What do you typically do about your workouts when you’re sick? Sit them out or push yourself?